Table of Contents


Was this book really necessary?

Chapter 1. Setting the Tone.
Marx defines terms, introduces concepts, and sets the tone of his text as that of a very scientific work.

Chapter 2. The Labor Theory of Value.
Marx outlines his "labor theory of the value of commodities."
Chapter 2 (part B).

Chapter 3. Marx vs. Smith – Two “Labor Theories”.
Further elaboration of Marx's "labor theory" comparison to Adam Smith's Theory.

Chapter 4. Qualifications and Clarifications.
Marx adds provisos, qualifications, and clarifications to his "labor theory."

Chapter 5. Examples.
Examples of Marx's "labor theory" at work in forming real-world prices.

Chapter 6. Labor-Power.
Marx identifies the entity which the capitalist purchases from the laborer.

Chapter 7. The Value of Labor-Power.
How the value of what the laborer sells is determined.

Chapter 8. Denouement.
The conclusion of the argument–the capitalist's exploitation is revealed.