Some Published works of Lawrence Eubank

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        What makes liberals tick? Can some rational sense be made of their often bizarre attitudes and pronouncements for our society?
        There is no manifesto or catalog of liberal principles we can consult in order to understand liberalism. We have to reverse-engineer the liberal philosophy from the outside in.
        We must attempt to discern the liberal ethos inductively, generalizing and extrapolating from the outward manifestations which are open to our inspection. That attempt is the purpose of this book.

The Liberal Ethos
Earlier (and more expensive) edition, with color pictures.

The Liberal Ethos: Exploring The Liberal Mind
Later (and cheaper) edition, with black & white pictures.

The Fractured Logic of Das Kapital

A revised, streamlined, somewhat simplified version of my earlier book, Why Marx Was Wrong.

It analyzes and dissects, point by point, the entire convoluted sophistry through which Marx makes his case against capitalists, and pronounces that case a sham and a fraud.

Marx's Sophistries: The Fractured Logic of Das Kapital

The purpose of "Why Marx Was Wrong" is to show that Marx's central accusation against capitalism -- that it survives only by exploiting unpaid "surplus value" from the toil of the working class -- is a fallacy.

This book attempts to unravel, point by point, the entire meandering, convoluted argument by which Marx makes his case; and it pronounces that case a sham and a fraud.

Why Marx Was Wrong

This article from the October, 2007 issue of Chronicles, A Magazine Of Culture explains why "protectionism" is better for our economy than "sacrificialism"; and why pundits and economists are wrong to ignore the destructive effects of off-shoring our manufacturing base and the resulting huge burden of debt.

Free Trade and the Sacrificialists

An article from the New English Review which asserts that (as Thomas Fleming put it), "Americans today are the dumbest human beings since our ancestors crawled down from the trees to have a look around to see what they could steal."

Or as the New York Post said, "U.S. adults are dumber than the average human."

The Stupidest Generation

An article from the Fall 2009 issue of the British magazine, Quarterly Review.

Off-shoring, rather than being an issue of free trade, is a synonym for capital flight, and by the terms of Adam Smith's own analysis does not merit defense.

Offshoring and the Impoverishment of Nations

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